Britain's Best Brain

Nintendo's DS console, along with its flagship Brain Training software was experiencing a slowdown in sales. What it needed was to attract customers who enjoyed traditional puzzles - but had yet to make the leap to solving puzzles on the Nintendo DS.

To engage this new audience, MEC UK approached one of the UK's leading TV production companies and commissioned a quiz show - 'Britain's Best Brain . Completely advertiser funded, the show mimicked the Nintendo DS hardware with the use of touchscreen technology. It also mirrored the product and highlighted the puzzles available on the Nintendo DS - such as memory, recognition and co ordination. And it allowed Nintendo to tour the country finding Britain's brainiest contestants - while showcasing the product and gaming opportunities of the Nintendo DS. In support of the show, a microsite was created inviting the public at large to trial the product.

Further to 'Britain's Best Brain' going on air, the results were astounding with a 24% growth in sales compared to the same period prior.
- Britain's Best Brain (2)