Lohas Social Networking

In Beijing, China's largest beverage company decided to launch 'Lohas' - a fruit juice with organic credentials. However, they faced a tough task. Not only did Lohas cost twice as much as rival brands. Its 'wholesome' image did not go down well with consumers at large. Thus, they decided to focus solely on white-collar workers who were, at least, interested in their health and online socialising.

Teaming up with Kaixin, China's biggest social networking site for white-collar workers, they created a platform within Kaixin's 'Garden' plug-in (much like Facebook's Happy Farm). There, workers could purchase Lohas seeds to plant in their own virtual garden. Once the seed became fruit, it could then be used to make healthy, freshly squeezed, juice which could be redeemed for virtual money. Purchasing Lohas seeds also enabled workers to enter the Lohas 'Planting Competition' attracting virtual and real prizes for the best planting scheme.

Following the campaign - which attracted 9.7 million workers - sales went up 30%, giving Lohas plenty to feel good about.