Making Watchmen Watchable

Watchmen is a graphic novel that has achieved cult status. The challenge here was to promote the movie version to a mainstream audience without alienating hardcore fans. The solution came in the form of online discussion forums, where hardcore fans and the public converge to discuss movies.

By placing 'liquid content' or elements of the films on these forums - including videos, games, screensavers, widgets, banners and iPhone apps, Paramount was able to reassure the core audience that 'their' novel was being respected, while breaking the plot down for the mass audience.

The overall strategy for Watchmen was designed as a multi geography application, but it specifically enabled local markets to adapt their tactics for optimum implementation.

Thanks to all the superhuman effort that went into creating this promotion, Watchmen opened in the No.1 slot in 25 markets and achieved the fourth highest gross for an 18 rated film in the UK.