Stunners Hit The Road

Honda, India, wanted to launch its CBF Stunner motorcycle to the student market. Faced with stiff competition, it knew it had to devise a very different kind of launch.

Consequently, MEC created a nationwide hunt for motor-biking talent. At 23 colleges across the country, competitions were held to find the 10 best bikers on campus, who were all given CBF Stunners. To go through to the next round, each winner then had to communicate the bike's values. By doing so, they won SMS and online votes and became their city champion.

Each city winner then went through to the national phase. After competing in a series of challenges, the top ten then moved on to the All-India final, and the winner was crowned Stunner of the Nation.

Radio, press, online and TV amplified every stage of the contest. City winners co-hosted radio programmes. The national competition was aired as a four-part TV show. And to cap things off, a music video was made which became a hit with the target audience. What's more, Honda achieved its goals with over 100,000 test rides.