Fiat Professional

Fiat wanted to expand its Fiat Professional commercial arm beyond the small medium enterprise market, into the fleet arena. In order to do this, it needed to strike up a dialogue with all-important fleet managers. But to make them warm to what Fiat had to say, they had to do something different - on a much tighter budget than their competitors.

In a sector first, Fiat produced a 3-minute sitcom, about a fleet company, called 'Lightfoot Logistics' that premiered in the 'News at 10' commercial break. Not only did it capture the target audience's imagination, it encouraged them to go online to www.lightfootlogistics.co.uk to watch 11 more 3-minute episodes.

With viewers feeling friendly towards Fiat Professional, it was then easier to create viewing appointments. As part of the promotion, viral versions of the sitcom were sent out. LinkedIn was used to send mail. And a launch event introduced fleet managers to stars of the sitcom.

As a result of all this activity, Fiat viewing appointments have increased 26%.