The North Face Red Flag

The North Face believed everyone could be an adventurer. It just had to convince the stay at home people of China. To get them out of their comfort zones, it decided to show them the benefits of exploring where they lived. In an integrated campaign that covered advertising, in-store promotion, online, live events, mobile and field marketing it did just that.

Over 18 days, consumers were persuaded to go out and visit as many summits in Beijing and Shanghai as possible. Once there, they were encouraged to plant a red flag in the true spirit of adventure - and plant an electronic flag via mobile SMS message to claim a virtual piece of China. Day by day, the number of flags planted was kept score of on a campaign website, which received over 2 million unique visitors. Furthermore, outdoor electronic counter boards kept scores in city centres.

As a result of this pioneering initiative, store sales climbed 106%. Over 651,000 red flags were planted during the campaign period. And the overall champion planted over 4,000 flags alone.
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