Caller Ring Back Tunes

Caller Ring Back Tunes are the ringing sounds you hear when waiting for a person to answer your call. In India they're big business with 37 million downloaded every month. Despite their popularity, Vodafone found its sales of Caller Ring Back Tunes were low - because users had to remember a code every time they downloaded.

To remedy this, Maxus Mumbai partnered Vodafone with Radio Mirchi - India's leading radio station, converting it into a virtual Vodafone CRBT catalogue. Songs in the Vodafone and station library were matched. Listeners had more than 9,500 songs to choose from across 32 markets - every single day. Now when Vodafone subscribers listen to a song on Radio Mirchi, they can download that particular song as a CRBT in 'real time', by dialling just ONE number.

Branding the promotion the 'Vodafone Mirchi Caller Tune' and getting everyone from DJs to Bollywood stars to plug it, ensured the success of the service. Today, Radio Mirchi listeners can download no fewer than 175,000 songs instantly. What's more, Vodafone has seen a significant increase in revenues from Caller Ring Back Tunes.