T-Mobile's advertising was not cutting through. What it needed was a brave idea that captured people's imagination. It came in the form of a unique dance event.

At London's Liverpool Street station, 350 dancers broke out into a choreographed routine. Not only was it fun to watch - it encouraged others to join in. At the same time, it gave passers-by unusual images to capture and share with their friends - via their mobile phones. It also gave everyone present amusing footage to place on YouTube - an important partner for the whole event.

In addition, within 36 hours of the dance, a two-and-a-half-minute film of the event appeared during Celebrity Big Brother, on TV. As interest gathered, spoof versions of the event along with 'making of' films and celebrity virals popped up on YouTube. Plus, commuters had a chance to download the film via Bluetooth from digital poster sites - which they did in droves.

All in all, this engaging dance event increased sales by a staggering 52%.
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