When a girl first chooses a feminine hygiene product, there's an opportunity to secure her custom for 'life . Kotex, a brand in Turkey, wanted to build a relationship with such girls. So they 'employed' Kita - a 3D animated girl who had already been used as a brand ambassador in Israel.

Kita's job was to befriend these girls - by tapping into their love of music. And with the help of Keremcem - one of Turkey's hottest pop singers - Kita released a duet on music channels and video sharing sites. In a matter of weeks, the song became a No.1 hit.

At the same time, Kita released her own website, as well as a blog where she talked about girls' trends. Only then, when Kita was at the height of her powers, did she become a spokesperson for Kotex - in press and on TV - encouraging fans to take a trial.

Beyond all this, Kita and Keremcem performed together live in concert. And as result of all these activities, Kotex sales went up 30%.
- Kita (2)