Donate Your Website

GRAACC, a hospital, offered free cancer treatment to children and adolescents. But, in order to continue its work, it needed to raise monthly donations.

Up against other causes who asked people to donate food, clothes, toys and money, GRAACC was finding it difficult to stand out. That is, until its agency came up with the idea of 'Donate Your Website'.

The concept was as original as it was simple. GRAACC invited people and organizations to join their 'Donate Your Website' campaign. Then, on a set date (April 8th) the agreement was that traffic to those 'donated' websites would be redirected to the GRAACC website - where the viewer was just one click away from making a US $5.00 donation.

The element of surprise in this campaign was plain to see. It was also clearly successful. Over 400 websites (and blogs) were donated. The campaign increased traffic to the GRAACC website from 3,500 to 185,000 in one day alone. There was a buzz about the campaign on blogs and twitter. And donations increased 78% over the monthly average.
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