It's No Picnic

In Australia, Picnic is a chocolaty, chewy, crispy confection, eaten by older males (25-35). The objective of this campaign was to get younger people (aged 16-22) to consider eating one.

Knowing that youngsters constantly crave attention, Cadbury and its agency decided to offer the ultimate prize: fame on national TV. To be on it, all the youngsters had to do was create a personalized Picnic TV ad online, then wait for it to be broadcast. The only proviso for each ad was that they must demonstrate 'It's No Picnic' to eat a Picnic in 30 seconds.

To date, 12,000 ads have been submitted (that's 12,000 Picnic bars sold). And of these, over 200 have been broadcast on National TV. Furthermore, the website recorded over 200,000 video impressions, while there were 100,000 recorded tweets and discussions on over 40 different blogs.

But most important, Picnic marketshare rose from 3.0 to 5.1. Now that's no mean feat.