Cardboard Record Player

GGRP is one of Vancouver's oldest sound design companies, with a long history of winning awards. Yet they were suffering from the perception that they were 'long in the tooth .

Not content to lie down and die, GGRP enlisted the help of Grey - who were briefed to create a mailshot, proving that GGRP still stands for creativity in sound.

What the agency came up with was utterly original: a foldout cardboard record player, complete with a spindle, needle, and a groovy 45 vinyl. When put together, the user was able to play the vinyl, simply by rotating it with a pencil!

What this mailshot said about GGRP was very clear: yes, they were old school - but no, they were far from unhip.

All the existing and potential clients who received it loved it. In fact there was a 90% direct response. But it's the indirect responses that have generated most traffic, as word spreads about the cardboard record player - via blogs, YouTube and the internet at large.
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