Cannes Touchwall

Cannes Lions wished to be positioned as a dynamic and innovative advertising festival. With the help of interactive agency, Schematic, they achieved this - and more - with the Cannes Touchwall.

As a 12ft x 5ft, intelligent, multi-user, touchscreen it was pretty impressive. And even more so when you think this kind of technology is about to change the way people interact with digital out-of-home.

Designed both as an information resource for delegates and a brand statement, the Touchwall offered a productive and fun environment for sharing information and wider ideas.

Those attending the 2009 Cannes Lions festival were able to obtain personalized festival information at the touch of a finger; explore and interact with 3D maps of Cannes; send themselves emails about local bars and restaurants; view the entire week's schedule; and connect with other delegates.

Furthermore, RFID technology linked the screen to delegates' badges, so the wall could offer them a personalized experience instantly.

As an exercise in offering something new, innovative and sophisticated, the Touchwall was a huge success - worthy of an award itself.