IKEA FAMILY hej Community

IKEA Germany wanted to make its customer relationship program more exciting. So, with the help of Ogilvy Frankfurt, it transformed it into a dynamic online presence. Rebranded as the IKEA FAMILY hej Community, it became a home for all those interested in interior decoration - marrying perfectly with IKEA and its furnishings.

With a few clicks of a mouse, IKEA customers were able to decorate their online spaces with IKEA products as well as exchange ideas with others, glean tips from experts and find inspiration. Furthermore, customers were able to 'move in' to the spaces they'd created. This was made possible with the IKEA FAMILY film studio feature, which filmed customers in a greenbox then transposed them into their own space on the site.

All in all, this 'decorating scheme' was a huge success as it deepened relationships, while giving IKEA a platform to communicate with its customers.
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