Brand Journalism

In the world of IT, decision makers don't take their cues from advertising - they're tuned into the conversations of professionals who make, buy, and use technology. The problem for Microsoft was how to join in these conversations and make valid contributions.

The solution created by JWT New York was something called Brand Journalism. What it entailed was Microsoft monitoring everything said about their Enterprise Software on the Internet. Then, when they identified a conversation they'd like to take part in, they unleashed a team of product developers, analysts and other enthusiasts to speak (or blog) on Microsoft's behalf.

In addition to joining in conversations, the team hosted them and has conducted 60+ audio interviews to date, as well as chatted live on publisher's sites, joined twitter feeds like ExecTweets IT, and created roundtable discussions with industry analysts.

The net effect of all this is that Microsoft no longer tries to get IT professionals to come to them. Instead, it goes to where they're making decisions - in real time.