Using GIS To Enhance Sampling And Presentation

A new direction for TNS.
The novel Geographical Information
System (GIS) from TNS has two primary
uses: 1) It enables clients to see
a complete multi-stage sampling - no
matter how complex. 2) It allows data
to be isolated in a mapped environment,
where it has much more interest and value.
This particular innovation means access to more detailed data for a given region.

The GIS unit has been used in various situations to overcome what are often unique and challenging questions in Africa. For example, L'Oréal was able to gain an accurate count of hair salons in South Africa - many of which trade informally, outside the mainstream economy.

Other clients such as KFC have also seen the benefits of these spatial presentations. Who's eating chicken where?

Thanks to GIS, laborious tables are becoming obsolete. The new 'visual dashboard' lets clients make very quick, tactical decisions. It's as easy as following a map.