TNS Results Posters

Bigger is not only better,
it's more interesting.
Research presentations are notoriously
associated with boring slides. The
team at TNS in South Africa has made
a concerted effort to change this model,
moving clients as far away as possible
from 'death by PowerPoint'.
A little imagination transforms 87 slides into a single A1 page, which allows for discussion, chat and interaction. Videos and Z-cards also add to the unusual mix. The point is that nonlinear, creative visuals allow for more effective summaries - using less space, but more grey matter. It forces everyone to focus on the important stuff, and eliminates the 'us vs. them' feeling of traditional presentations.

The approach has a practical side, too. Large posters have a longer visible shelf life than laptop slides, and linger in boardrooms and brand planning sessions. By implication, TNS also stays top of mind.

Presentations have now effectively become part of ongoing strategy discussions. And all it took was a piece of old-fashioned paper.