Retail Shopper

We know where you shop.
What could be simpler than shopping for
canned tomatoes? Surely this is not an
activity that encourages a great deal
of stress? Food producer ConAgra likes
to be certain of these things, however,
and commissioned a retail study.
As part of its research, TNS introduced two radical technologies into the US in-store environment: eye-tracking and bio-sensory measurements. Lightweight devices were fitted onto actual shoppers, which monitored their eye movements every 1/32nd of a second and their brainwaves 20,000 times per second.

Other than this unusual attire, consumers were then encouraged to shop as usual. Three purchases were required from them: one from an initial dummy category, and then two from the ConAgra stable - canned tomatoes and Better For You frozen meals.

The exercise allowed the company to examine just how people process product information, and what holds their attention. In turn, this meant that ConAgra could make the right decisions about retail space, signage, and packaging.