Mixing logic with magic.
Even with exhaustive qualitative
interviews and thorough quantitative
surveys, there are some things
consumers just can't tell us. It might
be that they're not aware of their reasons
for making certain purchasing decisions.
Or they may be inclined to simply
hide their true thoughts.
Either way, these issues become particularly problematic when it comes to analysing responses to advertising.

For help, industry leaders Millward Brown turned to neuroscientists. They spent six years working on refining new research methodologies, with input from the likes of Professor Jane Raymond of Bangor University. Resulting techniques include eye-tracking, brainwave measurements, and the analysis of unspoken associations.

Millward Brown are quick to say that neuroscience is not a silver bullet. The techniques are best used to assist with sensitive material and abstract ideas, and work optimally in conjunction with other methods.

But there's no doubt that a little science can help to improve creative insights.