MTS Group


MTS is a vast mobile phone provider,
with some 80 million subscribers across
Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan
and Armenia. They wanted an effective
and efficient way of segmenting their
consumers across these five countries.
The challenge was to create a solution that could be universally applied, and yet still expose the differences between the markets.

Sometimes, researchers focus on the hard data: spend, call patterns, and so on. And sometimes, they lean towards the softer stuff: attitudes and emotional responses. Undaunted by the scale of the exercise, MaPS pursued both simultaneously. Over 10,000 mobile users were surveyed, from metropolitan Moscow to rural Uzbekistan.

Feedback was combined with individual billing information - a massive data mining exercise requiring advanced statistical modelling. In fact, ten computers crunched numbers 24-hours a day for a full month!

The results have been 'world class', changing the way MTS market to their customers and plan their business strategy.