Vancouver Olympics

Faster, higher, stronger, together.
It's fitting that a research campaign
around the Vancouver Olympic Games
should have promoted such a strong
sense of teamwork. Three Kantar
companies - Cymfony, Millward Brown and
TNS - joined forces to assess Procter &
Gamble's Olympian marketing effort.
The campaign - featuring athletes' mothers - was the largest sports tie-up the company had ever attempted. It was also the first time they'd tried to advertise individual brands under the P&G corporate umbrella.

A multi-method solution was developed, to gauge shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours over five months. The time frame covered pre-market, in-market, and post-market measurements. Importantly, the model allowed for both long-term projections and 'on-the-fly' adaptations to the campaign.

For example, Millward Brown would score one television spot, and evaluate the positive emotions it evoked. Cymfony was then able to track the consumer's affinity for that commercial by sifting through social media online. And TNS could scan its long-term advocacy potential.

In a Herculean effort, ten individual reports were compiled, as well as a final joint paper. Edgar Marin, Consumer Manager at P&G, complimented the team for their 'effective support' and dedication to keeping things simple. Gold medals all round.