Beer Gloss

On Valentine's Day, boys take their girlfriends out for dinner - and drink champagne. Having said that, most would much rather be in a bar, having a beer.

With this in mind, Heineken decided to help its beer-loving customers out on this most romantic of days. It decided that only one thing should come between a boy and a girl - and that was the taste of beer!

With its agency, JWT Milan, it created and marketed the perfect Valentine's Day gift for girls (if you're a boy): beer flavoured lip gloss or 'beer gloss' as it was known.

When the willing girlfriend applied it to her luscious lips, all her beau could taste was the wonderful taste of Heineken beer.

As word got out about beer gloss - on social media, blogs and the web, the product flew off the shelves (and straight into girls' make-up bags).

Not only did beer gloss give romantic couples something new and amusing to interact with, it also re-enforced Heineken's 'made to entertain' brand positioning.

So, overall, the promotion left a pleasant, if beery, taste in the mouth.