Bar Chain $73,000 Bar Tab

Drinking and driving is a problem the world over. What this campaign aimed to do was raise awareness of the problem through the chain of bars that include Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz.

The concept was simple yet highly impactful. When the customer asked for their bar bill at the end of the evening, not only did they receive a computerized list of their drinks, they also got a rundown of the real costs of drunk driving.

These included distressing entries such as 'Amputation, Wheelchair' and 'Day in ICU . Entries that quickly ran the bar tab up to $73,000.

Once the customer got over their initial shock - and saw that it was part of a drunk driving awareness campaign - they reacted favourably, with many asking to keep their bill and record numbers choosing to take cabs home.

Furthermore, the campaign's message took off in a big way thanks to mentions on twitter, videos on YouTube, and blogs - all earning good publicity for the bars.