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Asia Business Monitor

Asia Business Monitor

An idea that went the distance.
In 2005, United Parcel Service (UPS)
initiated the Asia Business Monitor survey
(ABM). The survey acts as a branding
mechanism for UPS, allowing them to
engage with small-to-medium sized
enterprises - a key target market in Asia.
In its fourth year, Ogilvy helped the ABM to
truly deliver. Not only did the report reflect
business competitiveness, it also provided
creative solutions, insights, and support.
In a tough financial environment, these kinds of 'navigational tools' are broadly welcomed. Over 1,200 business leaders were interviewed for the ABM, across twelve markets. Several fascinating trends were identified.

A two-month media launch was then scheduled across the region, with ABM summits and an online presence also part of the mix. Publications like the Wall Street Journal Asia picked up on the story, and over 100 million media impressions were generated. The Vice-President of UPS Marketing sums up the campaign's success: 'ABM was taken to a new level in 2008.'