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Tank A Day Challenge

Tank A Day Challenge

A challenging concept helps save a resource.
For the past decade, Australia has been suffering
from its worst drought on record. Affecting more
than half the country's farmlands, this long, dry
period has focused consumer minds on water
conservation. For steel manufacturer BlueScope,
the problem is particularly acute: its industry
uses plenty of the scarce liquid resource. So the
company approached Ogilvy, asking them to help
position BlueScope as a leader in responsible
water usage.
A campaign was devised known as the 'Tank A Day Challenge', designed to inspire and educate a younger generation. Essentially, BlueScope donated a 27,000 litre rainwater tank to one primary school every day for a year. A strong consumer awareness component ran in parallel, and Ogilvy also engaged with government representatives.

The originality of the concept was snapped up by the popular morning TV broadcast, the Today Show. A twelve month partnership was negotiated, showcasing the Tank A Day Challenge on a weekly basis.

Over 30% of Australia's primary schools chose to register for the Challenge, and some 200,000 people visited the campaign website. Overall, BlueScope reported 'very positive' feedback to the initiative. So positive, in fact, that they extended the Tank A Day concept for another year.