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George Patterson Y&R Melbourne

Schweppes, Spring Valley

'Sensible' Campaign

Sensible Campaign

The objective here was to relaunch a 50-year-old juice brand called Spring Valley. Long seen as staid and boring, it was imperative that any communication for the product reach a younger, active audience. The eventual campaign promise was suitably quirky, and engagingly ironic: reconnect with your 'Sensible'.

Online, the Sensible was portrayed as a Tamagotchi-like character. At first glance he appeared slightly creepy, but represented a vital part of us all - usually abused by partying and general bad behaviour. And the more virtual Spring Valley you fed your Sensible, the healthier he became.

The campaign scored a direct hit with the target market, with over 310,000 users saying 'hello' to their Sensibles. Most people spent at least five minutes a day with the character, and even integrated him into their facebook homepages.
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