Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv

Orange, Orange Time

When the Lights are Off

When the Lights are Off

Communications company Orange wanted to launch 'Orange Time', its new pay-per-view entertainment and movies portal. The idea: when the lights go down in a cinema, it's the signal for anticipation and excitement. So, the agency created a site that opens only if you switch off the lights in the room. Physically. Literally.

When surfers complied, their screens were activated - revealing a movie trailer. Additional trailers could be viewed by turning the room lights on and off again. The secret was a combination of webcam technology, and light-intensity programming.

The trailers directed users to a full-length screening page. And, during the campaign, there was a 50% increase in visitations. Within a month, Orange became the number one video-on-demand portal in the country.