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Direct Mail Analysis

Direct Mail Analysis

Brazilians bin traditional DM thinking.
Almost by definition, a bank's direct mail
is boring. And it's easy for market research
into this discipline to become equally
charmless. TNS in Brazil, however, decided
to do things very differently. Theory was
combined with technique, creating an
analysis model capable of evaluating every
new piece of their client's communication.
Transparently, the agency combined researcher Jacob Moreno's famous 'conserve' concept, with author Malcolm Gladwell's findings in his book BLINK. Moreno believed that consumer responses are filtered through an aggregation of life experience, while Gladwell described how a single event influences the way we relate to the world. It seems that credit card users enjoy receiving their direct mail (BLINK), but equally 'enjoy' throwing it away (conserve).

Ethnographic studies also led to the addition of Dante's Divine Comedy to the literary mix. How does direct mail avoid 'hell' and 'purgatory' (the bin, or sideboard), and end up in 'heaven'? Remarkably, the client has created an entirely new department to help answer this question.