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TNS Vietnam



Novel approach makes seasoning
manufacturer content.
With some ingenuity, TNS in Vietnam
adapted existing packaging research -
and used the resulting tool for an entirely
different purpose. The pitch brief from Knorr
was to investigate consumer responses
to granular seasonings. TNS's qualitative,
sensory approach examined physical and
tactile reactions, and even evaluated the
product design.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the agency won the pitch. Knorr was particularly impressed with the detailed and definitive feedback available to their Research and Development team. The Marketing department was also able to glean useful insights from the process. In fact, the results of the project were more broadly incorporated into staff training programmes.

TNS then produced a research paper, demonstrating the necessary adaptations and innovations required by food manufacturers in Vietnam. (Indeed, these were also applicable across much of Asia Pacific.) The report was declared the joint winner of the Beijing ESOMAR conference, and was short-listed for the global awards in Switzerland.