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Air New Zealand

myvoice Customer Experience Programme

myvoice Customer Experience Programme

Customer feedback goes digital.
Air New Zealand flies 20 million customers
around the world annually and has 11,000
employees across several continents. It
regards itself as a forward-thinking company
- so any research project it commissioned
had to reflect this ethos. The challenge
for Colmar Brunton, then, was to facilitate
customer feedback to the airline in a fresh,
inspiring way.
The solution was something called myvoice. At first glance, it's a simple shift from a paper-based response mechanism to an online survey - some 8,000 passengers now tell their onboard stories each month. The real innovation, however, is the effective communication of that customer info to airline staff.

'Air New Zealanders', as employees are called, have access to a second site: myvoicereporting.co.nz. Here, passenger feedback is made available via discussion boards and 'qualumentaries': punchy video edits. Staff are encouraged to participate in the process, proactively suggesting ideas as well as solutions.

As one Air New Zealand manager described the process, it's 'very cool'.