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Getting to know you - without leaving the room
Added Value's AVid project has been described
as 'seismic'. Its ambition is certainly breathtaking,
as it attempts to measure (and shape) consumer
attitudes around the world. Essentially a digital
platform, AVid also uses face-to-face interaction
to inspire respondents. Once online, these growing
communities are able to share their thoughts
through words, images and streaming videos.
Global experts and cutting-edge consumers were recruited, combining their creativity in a dialogue lasting anywhere from three to twelve months. Eventually, some 3,000 people were contributing to an initiative that went beyond just blogging or just chatting - this was a movement!

AVid was also launched internally across the Added Value network, with key staff recruited across a diverse range of disciplines. 'AVid Addicts' could soon be found in Spain, Sweden, the US, China...

Clients such as Pepsi, Kimberly Clark, and IKEA are enthusiastically embracing the AVid approach. And for Added Value, the initiative demonstrates the agency's ongoing commitment to innovation and insight.