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Up Close and Personal with the RSPCA

Up Close and Personal with the RSPCA

The savage truth helps save the day.
The RSPCA was A$10 million in debt
when it approached The Campaign
Palace with a single request: 'help
us find a way out of this'. Instead of
brainstorms, talk, and research groups,
the agency team hit the road with an
RSPCA inspector named Slade. Over
the course of a week, they documented
the organisation's powerful truth.
In contrast to the pervasive images of kittens and puppies, the RSPCA was involved in some dangerous work. Employees regularly faced violent attacks and shootings; and even assisted the police in drug raids. The untold story went further: in the course of their work, inspectors also assisted abused women and children with aggressive tendencies.

Clearly, the cute kitty fašade was lulling the public into a false sense of security - leading to a drop in donations. People needed to hear the facts. The first-hand research model led to an intriguing communication campaign. And donations soared to record levels.