Rodney Fitch

Design & Branding Jury Chairman

Rodney Fitch | Chairman: Fitch

At Cannes, I delivered a seminar urging every creative from every walk of Cannes life, to acknowledge design as the bedrock of all creative work; be it advertising, film, TV or whatever.

WPPED Cream is a microcosm of Cannes. So, in this, our third year, Design & Branding submissions continued to grow, are more diverse and come from a wider range of sources. This is wonderful and surely indicates not only something of the role and depth of design at WPP - but the quality of the work provides us with the opportunity to put clear water between us and other network competitors.

My jury was graced with WPP's team of Design & Branding Creative Directors (premier leaguers every one). And, once again, we were adamant that our awards criterion was 'absolute quality made real through integrity, originality and engagement'. As guardians of this golden rule, my jury comprised:

Tim Greenhalgh, Howard Smiedt, David Villiers Greg Quinton, Adrian Burton, Glenn Tutsell Stephen Bell, Peter Knapp and Marc Smith.

We met in May to review the previous year, agree criteria and establish categories.

Whilst we were blessed with plenty of submissions, not all categories were equally supported; retail, product design, packaging (own-brand) and on-screen were thin, whereas in identity and branding, and packaging (brand) we were often spoiled for choice.

With 166 entries from all around the WPP world, we eventually made 23 awards. These were broken down into one Crème de la Crème, nine Winners and thirteen Highly Commendeds.

Last year's Crème de la Crème (Asian Paints) came from India and, interestingly, it did so again this year. A wonderfully simple, imaginative solution to a heart-stopping challenge that once again raises the question 'but is it design?' You bet it is!