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New Citizen Program

Barbed Wire, Glass

Barbed Wire

In China, 21 million kids have been relocated to cities with their migrant working parents. A quarter of them have no hope of ever getting an education. The challenge was to highlight the plight of these kids and raise enough money to get them into school.

By leveraging the growing appreciation for contemporary Chinese art, new Citizen Program commissioned local artists to create installation art pieces outside popular art galleries around Beijing. The pieces were created from construction materials often used by migrant workers; each with a book placed just out of reach.

Viewing the new Citizen Program pieces as art, large crowds gathered to discuss the merits of the work, only to be confronted by a harsh reality. under the headline was a number to call if people wished to donate. So far, enough money has been raised to commission a new school and enrol 950 new students, with fundraising efforts continuing.
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