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Jealous Lovers

Jealous Lovers

A new production company named 'Jealous Lovers' wished to target four of New Zealand's top Creative Directors.

With the help of Ogilvy New Zealand, they found out which rival production companies the CDs had used to shoot their most recent TV commercials. Then it located the CDs' vehicles and proceeded to 'vandalise' them. On their windscreens, tailor-made decals with messages, relevant to their relationship with the rival production company, were attached. Specially-built, magnetised pickaxes were also planted in the vehicles' bonnets, branded with the Jealous Lovers web address.

Agency insiders then broke it to the CDs that someone was trashing their vehicle. Covertly, their horrified reactions were filmed. Still shots of the vandalised vehicles were then sent to industry blogsites and publications, along with a link to jealouslovers.tv, resulting in thousands of creatives visiting the website to see how the CDs reacted.

Later the same day, the 'victims' were sent a T-shirt, a showreel and a 'make-up note'.
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