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The Elusive Coaster

The Elusive Coaster

With this innovative campaign against drinking and driving, Foster's in India literally shifted perceptions. It was achieved without being too preachy, and in a country where beer consumption, in general, is still viewed unfavourably. In gujarat, for example, drinking alcohol remains illegal.

Several high profile accidents had also added impetus to a resurgent 'moral brigade'. Against this backdrop, Foster's decided to become part of the solution. Special beer glass and coaster combinations were designed and distributed at several key locations. The coasters featured car graphics, statistics about speeding - and carried the message: 'Drinking & Driving Don't Mix'. So far, so ordinary.

However, when customers tried to perform the simple task of placing the beer glass on the coaster, it proved impossible. Polarised magnets concealed in both items wryly reinforced a powerful campaign message. And, unsurprisingly, generated a great deal of PR.