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Skater - Feel The Bubbles

This 360 campaign for Aero celebrates Aero's distinctiveness through how it feels. The agency dramatised the textural sensation of bubbly Aero chocolate via a spectacular visual metaphor: the world's best skateboarder gliding through 50,000 brown balloons.

The world's best skate-director Ty Evans filmed a 60 second TV ad which was treated like a movie release, seeding teasers online. This was followed by making-of films, interviews, and specially-commissioned stills photography.

The campaign exploded outdoor via lenticular six sheets, digital escalator panels, cross-track projections, in-tunnel media and then actually flooding a London street with thousands of balloons.

In addition, a special edition bloopers version of the TV ad aired on the iconic UK show 'You've Been Framed'. And a low-tech finger skater version was released online as well as on a facebook page. The ambition was that wherever you saw Aero, you could feel the bubbles.

All in all, it worked. The rate of sales increased by 36%.
- Skater - Feel the Bubbles (Print1)-
Skater - Feel the Bubbles (Production)-
Skater - Feel the Bubbles (Outdoor)-
Skater - Feel the Bubbles (Digital)-
Skater - Feel the Bubbles (Print2)