Recognising that its future growth was dependent on securing a significant share of the emerging and more profitable colour market, Xerox's challenge was to shake off its perception as an old-fashioned, black and white copier company.

That you only notice colour where it isn't normally present or it's missing from the familiar.

Business environments are traditionally drab. To stand out and demonstrate the impact of business in colour, we created a contextual framework that added colour to traditionally mono media and typically grey business districts, whilst temporarily removing it from those that are normally associated with colour.

In a series of innovative media partnerships and firsts across 10 markets, activity included turning the iconic Alex cartoon in The Telegraph into colour and creating a downloadable Alex Kinker (desktop robot); changing the mono business editorial of leading European newspapers into colour (including The FT, The Telegraph, Independent and Die Presse); the first flooding of La Defense and the Heathrow corridor with colourful outdoor; placing the first ever advertising on Blackberry; transitioning the colour in and out of and partnering with Eurosport in the creation of classic football vignettes with team colours added to tie in with the World Cup.

  • 30% recall of Alex being in colour for the first time (Telegraph readers)
  • 35% increase in those people agreeing to the statement Xerox is an "innovator" (Telegraph readers)
  • 7,000 people downloaded the Alex desktop
  • 36% recall of colour "wash" activity by Times readers
  • 12% click through rate on (industry average is 0.2%)
  • Eurosport attracted over 2,000 business entrants
More importantly, tracking and independent research had delivered positive shifts in all desired brand attributes and associations with colour. Shipments nearly tripled, market share increased by 5.6 percentage points and revenues grew by 18% across the key colour MFP/copier segment.

Peter Colvin, Richard Astley, Eamonn Store, Pia Ambrose, Louise Ticehurst, Richie Efford, Alistair Jones, Vincent Bareges, Gayle Rossell, Matthew Bell, Amy Creasey

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