Robyn Putter

When you spend as much time collating advertising awards show results as I do, you soon realise that despite the differences in language and culture of the awards juries around the world, good ideas always win through.

Finding a consistently good selection of these ideas is also easy because there is an acknowledged hierarchy of awards shows, the best of which are guaranteed to deliver the very best of them.

Understanding this, and knowing that I was going to be calling on our advertising agency group Creative Directors to help judge the 360 campaign awards, it seemed to make little sense to waste more of their time by having them wade through a year's work that had already been scrutinised by the world's most able juries.

I simply used points won at the One Show, D&AD, Cannes and Clio awards festivals to make my selection. "Winner" certificates were awarded to the top scores and "Highly Commended" to the rest.

Overall I think we have a very good selection of work this year but I am concerned with scarcity of 'crackers' in television.

Selecting one piece of work or campaign for the grand prize would normally have proved tricky but fortunately this year there was simply no contest.

The Dove Evolution commercial was by far the top scoring piece of advertising produced by a WPP company in the past year and probably for many years before. It won either Gold or Grand Prix awards in all of the major shows and probably should have done even better.

A simple yet evocative piece of work from Ogilvy Toronto that had the whole world sitting up and taking notice.