Creme de la CremeOgilvy TorontoUnileverEvolution
WinnerBTS United OsloBerlitz Language SchoolCoastguard
WinnerY&R ChicagoEqual MarriageKeys, Coaster, Milk
WinnerGeorge Patterson Y&RFostersFlash Beer
WinnerOgilvy New YorkFostersFish Market, Surprise, Wedding
WinnerOgilvy New YorkAmerican ExpressAnimals
WinnerOgilvy New YorkTribeca Film FestivalTransvestite
Highly CommendedGeorge Patterson Y&R MelbourneVictorian GovernmentBlack Balloons
Highly CommendedJEH UnitedSmooth E (Thailand)Materialism
Highly CommendedJWT Argentina/El Hotel Buenos AiresUnileverPlacard
Highly CommendedGrey Buenos Aires3MPlastic Surgery
Highly CommendedClemmow Hornby IngeThe Big Yellow Self Storage CompanyTide
Highly CommendedY&R Not Just Film Markplaats.NLE-BayOn the Go
Highly CommendedOgilvy New YorkAmerican ExpressWes Anderson
Highly CommendedJWT LondonMTVIdiots
Highly CommendedGrey LondonRemingtonTwins
Highly CommendedRKCR/Y&R LondonBudweiserFace Off, Two Teams
Highly CommendedBassat Ogilvy BarcelonaChannel 3Monkeys
Highly CommendedSra. Rushmore MadridCoca-ColaSwimmer
Highly CommendedJWT MexicoCoca-ColaLittle Tin Frogs
Highly CommendedOgilvy LondonDepartment of HealthBenzene Amanda, Cocktail Avtar, Formaldehyde Russell
Highly CommendedGrey New YorkDiageoCell Phone
Highly CommendedBatey SingaporeCNF (Asia)The Big Cheese
Highly CommendedY&R Boulogne-BillancourtLa Chaine ParlementaireBushism
Highly CommendedBassat Ogilvy BarcelonaMillennium BCPCheetah
Highly CommendedOgilvy LondonUnileverThe Uncomfortable Life of Paul Jenkins
Highly CommendedJWT MumbaiNike IndiaTraffic
Highly CommendedGrey LondonParkinson's Disease SocietyLet The Cat Out
Highly CommendedJWT LondonShell RetailCircuit
Highly CommendedGrey MelbourneSimplotFlying Fish Tackle
Highly CommendedOgilvy New YorkTribeca Film FestivalApartment
Highly CommendedOgilvy New YorkYahoo!Garden