Robyn Putter

Because the world's award shows have been rather slow in acknowledging and awarding 360 campaigns, we could not rely on this system to do our judging for us. It was also decided, that because these campaigns often take more than a year to roll out, that we would allow submissions to be made from the last number of years.

So, what I did was to call for entries from the Worldwide Creative Directors of our advertising groups and from the jury Chairman of the various disciplines, resulting in a total of 35 submissions.

I then sent all the entries back to this group of 12 jurors who were asked to select their favoured 10 campaigns, while listing their top three in order of merit. I then awarded 5 points to a first place, 3 points to second, 2 to third and 1 to a mention.

The result is that we have a selection of some extremely good campaigns. Nine of the top ten campaigns were rated within six points of one another but, once again, one campaign romped home by a margin of 30 points.

Not quite unanimous but still overwhelming winner, this year's award goes to Dove's campaign for real beauty.

This is without doubt, one of the most significant campaigns produced in the world in recent times and will probably go down as one of the most significant of all time. Multi-award winning in effectiveness and creativity, a campaign with contributions from all disciplines and most parts of the world, generating masses of free publicity for the brand and lots of profit for Unilever.

A thoroughly deserving winner of our inaugural 360 Crème de la Crème award.