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Nike, Rise 2.0

AKQA and Nike created a revolutionary basketball training system to celebrate and inspire the emerging youth talent in China.

Raising the game.

With China home to millions of passionate ballers, Nike sought to ignite the embers of expectation.

Fuelled by the youth’s endeavour and commitment, they wanted to unlock the self-belief, hopes and dreams of an entire nation and celebrate the incredible journey of China’s most devoted youth by using the greatest Basketball athletes in the world to push 30 individuals to the limit.

The sharing of their stories through exhilarating weekly shows would prove to the next generation of players that the ability to Rise is in all of us.

Building on the accomplishments of House of Mamba, AKQA helped Nike develop an unparalleled, fully connected training ecosystem comprising a simple and intuitive coaching app, an exemplary tracking system, and a fully reactive digital court. Coaches were able to measure, assess and elevate the performance of any basketball player, changing forever the way the game is experienced and taught.

RISE 2.0 delivered a vision that transcended sport.

Millions watched the invigorating weekly shows and a whole nation was inspired to believe that anything is possible.
Whilst the training ecosystem and boundless potential of technology re-evaluated the way the game is coached, redefining the future of basketball.