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NRL Instabilia

VML helped the NRL revolutionise sports memorabilia by creating instant, real-time memorabilia available to buy live.

The NRL are continually seeking new and innovative ways to engage fans during Australia’s biggest annual sporting event - The State of Origin.

The NRL wanted to create an experience that would enhance the viewing experience and form a deeper connection between fans and the game.

So we created Instabilia. Instant memorabilia created in real-time, live as the action unfolds on the field. We captured and immortalized every key moment of Australia’s biggest game, turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces of Instabilia that fans could own, all within seconds of it happening on the field.

Instabilia gained national media attention.

Our live social content gained extraordinary reach with minimal media investment, reaching hundreds of thousands of State of Origin fans.

Best of all, our Instabilia sold for up to 12 times more than it’s traditional ‘official’ memorabilia counterparts, helping to raise much needed funds for the NRL’s partner charity lifeline.