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Snapchat Dunk

VML helped Gatorade create a unique piece of Super Bowl advertising history with their iconic Snapchat Dunk campaign.

For more than 30 years, the winning players of the Super Bowl have crowned their coach with the iconic Gatorade dunk — an organic moment that started spontaneously without an involvement from the brand. It’s the ultimate symbol of victory viewed by millions, but only experienced by a select few.

In 2016 we created an augmented reality experience that leveraged the native “lens” functionality of Snapchat to allow fans to create user-generated video of themselves getting virtually dunked. 

The lens featured a 3-D representation of the iconic Gatorade cooler seen on every NFL sideline. Through Snapchat’s facial recognition technology, users could select the Gatorade lens and open their mouths to activate the orange Gatorade to splash over their head and body, giving the impression that the user had just experienced a true Gatorade dunk. Users could share the moment with individual friends via Snaps or to all of their Snapchat connections by placing a photo or video of the dunk in their “Snapchat Story.”

Without any paid media to promote it, the Snapchat Gatorade dunk went live the day of the Super Bowl. With more than 165 million views and more than 8 million unique videos in less than 48 hours, it was the most viewed and interacted-with ad of the Super Bowl … and it never even appeared on TV. 

Results included:
• 165,339,701 total platform views
• 60,881,205 total swipes
• 8,231,033 unique user-generated videos
• 29.91 seconds per use
• During Super Bowl 50 there were 2, 500 mentions around G and the Snapchat activation, showing crossover of people and conversations on social platforms.