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POSSIBLE helped Adidas create a revolutionary new model for launching a premium Football Boot.

Football has changed.

Young urban players are now looking up to Freestylers and Instagram stars rather than over paid Premier League prima donnas.

For adidas to connect with this new audience of "Creators", Possible had to throw the rule book away. Ditch traditional media and create a new product.

GLITCH is both a brand new, rule-breaking, football boot concept and a unique route to market. Working with young influencers to co-create the boot designs, name, packaging, app and product launch, Possible truly pushed the boundaries of client, consumer and agency partnership.

GLITCH was the first football boot to be exclusively available for purchase through a invite only mobile app. Influencers were empowered to help to shape the community, support customers, create product demos and publish promotional content.

We spent nothing on media, yet the app began trending immediately. Some took to social media to beg for referral codes, other tried to sell them on eBay.

Boots sold fast. 75% of people with a code were converted to purchase. Influencers created over 150 thousand videos on YouTube for adidas GLITCH.

GLITCH turned the industry upside down, creating a completely new relationship between a brand, it’s influencers and the customer.