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Adidas Nemeziz

Hill & Knowlton Strategies helped adidas launch the Nemeziz boot and set new standards for creativity in a football boot launch.

Designed for the most creative players in the game and built for agility, Hill & Knowlton Strategies was briefed to help launch adidas’ new Nemeziz boot and make it the most creatively covered boot launch ever.

Hill & Knowlton selected three key partners from - FourFourTwo, Complex, and Copa90 – and created bespoke editorial features that would deliver on key messaging and garner attention across the broader media landscape.

Leo Messi became the guest editor of FourFourTwo, rebranding the outdated formation to the more creative and agile FourThreeThree.

For Complex it meant creating a music video starring UK grime and hip hop artists with a new track written especially for the launch of Nemeziz.

Copa90 broadcast their Snapchat show ‘Saturdays are Lit’ live from the launch. 

Hill & Knowlton also worked with adidas’ events agency to deliver a launch event that became the ultimate creators’ playground. Different surfaces, vantage points, lighting, mirrors and more were built in, so every influential YouTuber and Instagrammer could shoot the new boots in a totally unique way.

Social media was flooded with original, authentic and premium content, and adidas cemented its role as the brand for creators.

The results included over 30 pieces of social and editorial from priority global media partners. There were more #HERETOCREATE / #NEMEZIZ mentions on event day than the UCL final day.18 social posts on talent channels had a combined reach of 17.5M and Complex UK said Unlock feat. Abra Cadabra and Astroid Boys was the most engaged original branded content video they’d ever produced.