Creating value through our business

Our mission

To develop and manage talent;
to apply that talent,
throughout the world,
for the benefit of clients;
to do so in partnership;
to do so with profit.

Within WPP, our clients have access to companies with all the necessary marketing and communications skills; companies with strong and distinctive cultures of their own; famous names, many of them.

WPP, the parent company, complements these companies in three distinct ways: we relieve our companies of much administrative work; we encourage and enable our companies of different disciplines to work together, for the benefit of clients and the satisfaction of our people; and, for a minority of clients, WPP itself can function as the 21st century equivalent of the full-service agency.

Through our business activities we generate value for share owners, clients, our people and for wider society. We aim to maximise this positive value where possible, as well as minimising negative impacts.

How WPP generates value for its share owners, clients, people

We draw on our resources and relationships

  • 128,000 employees
  • 62,000 associate employees
  • 352 of the Fortune 500 companies are clients of WPP companies
  • Thousands of suppliers
  • Share owner equity £7,637 million
  • 15,446 share owners
  • Natural resources – 354,018 MWh energy use

To provide services across all marketing and communications disciplines

  • Advertising
  • Media Investment Management
  • Data Investment Management
  • Public Relations & Public Affairs
  • Branding & Identity
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Direct, Digital, Promotion & Relationship Marketing
  • Specialist Communications
  • Sustainability Services

Developing our business to help clients meet their goals

  • Global presence, local insight – 3,000 offices in 112 countries
  • Full-service agency – cross-company teams serve our 45 largest global clients
  • Horizontality – 52% of revenues from clients served in four or more disciplines
  • Creativity and effectiveness – for five consecutive years, WPP has been ranked Creative Holding Company of the Year at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity and ranked Most Effective Holding Company in the Effie Global Effectiveness Index for four consecutive years and awarded top holding company in Warc’s 100 annual ranking of the world’s best campaigns and companies for the second consecutive year
  • Shared values – sustainable business practices integrated into our services, operations and procurement. Clients that engaged with us on sustainability worth £1.29 billion in revenues

Generating value for our investors, people, suppliers and society

  • Over £1.1 billion returned to share owners through dividends and share by-backs
  • Total tax contribution £1.3 billion
  • £6 billion in salaries and employee benefits
  • Supplier spend £6 billion
  • Training spend £41.1 million
  • Community investment £219.4 million, creating a benefit to society worth £97 million