In 2013, our social investment was worth £19.6 (£16.2 million: 2012). This is equivalent to 1.5% of reported profit before tax. It includes cash donations to charities of £4.9 million and £14.7 million worth of pro bono work based on fees the organisations would have paid for our work. In addition, WPP media agencies negotiated free media space worth £19.8 million on behalf of pro bono clients, making the total social contribution £39.4 million.

The value of pro bono work increased by 31% on the previous year, while charitable donations saw a small decrease of 2%.

Social investment 2009-2013 Excluding value of free media space (£m)

Social investment 2009-2013 chart
  • Social investment per employee (£)
  • % of total revenue
  • % of profit before tax

Note to chart: Our social investment, the value of pro bono work and charitable donations, increased this year in both absolute terms and as a percentage of revenue and profit before tax.

Total social contribution Including value of free media space (£m)

Total social contribution chart
  • Total Charitable donations
  • Total pro bono
  • Value of free media space
Note to chart: Our total social contribution includes the pro bono work and charitable donations made by our companies, as well as the free media space negotiated by our media agencies on behalf of charity clients. It does not include the value of volunteering undertaken by employees.

Charitable donations 2013 %Pro bono work 2013 %

Charitable Donations 2013 Pro Bono Work 2013
  • Arts 6
  • Education 20
  • Environment 2
  • Health 21
  • Local community 21
  • Human rights 30
  • Arts 5
  • Education 14
  • Environment 6
  • Health 31
  • Local community 20
  • Human rights 24

Note to chart: Our companies supported a wide range of charities and community organisations with a particularly strong focus on those working in the areas of health, local community and human rights.

Value of free media space


Value of Free Media Space


Note to chart: Our media agencies negotiate free media space on behalf of charities. This is critical to helping campaigns achieve their objectives.

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