One of our proudest traditions at WPP is the contribution our companies make through pro bono work – creative work for charities at little or no fee.

Pro bono campaigns by WPP agencies can have a significant positive impact on our charity clients, who do amazing work with often very limited resources. From health and education, to disaster relief, human rights and environmental protection, these organisations are working on some of society’s toughest challenges. Through the right communications support we can help them to recruit more members and raise funds, to achieve their campaign objectives and to connect with the public.

Our pro bono clients benefit from the best of our people’s creative talents and insights, across all our disciplines from advertising, to insight and PR. Many of our companies’ relationships with pro bono clients are long-term partnerships that date back years or even decades, sometimes longer than WPP itself has been around. Pro bono work is part of our heritage and who we are today.

Of course, it is not just our clients who benefit from our commitment to pro bono work. These assignments offer exciting creative opportunities and are a source of motivation and pride for our people. The quality of the campaigns our companies produce makes them a showcase for our people’s talent, and each year their success and creativity is recognised at award ceremonies around the world.

This book features just a small selection of the many hundreds of recent pro bono campaigns from across our business. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Martin Sorrell

Sir Martin Sorrell
Group chief executive

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