Our pro bono work is focused on campaigns relating to health, education, local communities, human rights, the environment and the arts. It is global in nature, with pro bono clients in all our major markets and regions.

Pro bono work ranges from small one-off campaigns to major long-term partnerships. Often our pro bono clients are selected by employees, reflecting their interests and priorities. In some cases, WPP the parent company helps to co-ordinate pro bono assignments involving multiple Group companies.

Our contribution in 2013

Pro bono work by WPP companies was worth £14.7 million in 2013. Together with our charity donations worth £4.9 million in 2013, our investment was £19.6 million. This is an increase of 20% over 2012 and is equivalent to 0.18% of revenue and 1.5% of profit before tax.

Our media agencies also negotiate free media space for charity partners to run their campaigns, and this was worth a further £19.8 million in 2013, bringing our total social contribution to £39.4 million.

For more information on our social investment see WPP's Sustainability Report 2013/2014.

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